Clairaudients / Psychic Medium Readings

Clairaudients, not clairaudience as some people mistakenly say, is another term for people with psychic hearing. So if you’re looking for psychic medium readings
or a clairaudience definition, you’ve arrived at the right place. We’ll begin by talking about psychic abilities and what it means to be a clairaudient.

What Are Clairaudients?

A variation on clairvoyance is clairaudience, the ability to hear sounds that other people cannot. This psychic skill can be described as an “inner mental ear.” It’s
much like when people think words without vocally expressing them. In many instances, clairaudients hear the voices or thoughts of the spirits close to you who
are deceased.

Why Choose Pauline Over Other Clairaudients?

Psychics like James Van Praagh often use clairaudient skills in psychic medium readings. You might find that his rates, and others, are much more than you can afford. So, while my services are not inexpensive either, they are affordable…and accurate. That means if you want the chance to ‘speak with the dead’ you can do so without spending the inheritance ‘Uncle John’ left you, but see for yourself.

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