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At Krystal Ball Online, we believe that a hypnotherapist uses the power of suggestion to help you to improve the condition of your life. Hypnotherapy is something far more beneficial than what you might have seen at magic shows where people are made to cluck like a chicken. However, if you want the hypnotherapy to work for you, you must…

  • Want to be hypnotized.
  • Believe you can be hypnotized.
  • Feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • Find a certified hypnotist.

Does Hypnotherapy Work?
In a word–yes. Hypnotherapy does work with the right experienced hypnotherapist who knows what they’re doing. Many people have mistakenly believed that hypnotherapy is something that is facilitated during a semi-sleep, but the truth is that the patient is actually in a hyper-attentive state. The hypnotist focuses intently on the subject at hand, whether the person is trying to quit smoking, incur weight loss, etc., to the near exclusion of any other thought in their mind. These subconscious thoughts of self-improvement then become a part of that person’s active life and mentality.

A hypnotherapist will use one of these four methods to coax people into a relaxed state:

  • Relaxation and Imagery Method – Psychiatrists use this often. It involves talking in a slow, soothing voice to ease the person into hypnotherapy.
  • Eye Fixation Method – This is a favorite in Hollywood where someone focuses on an object, like a swinging pocket watch, to the exclusion of any other stimuli.
  • Losing Balance Method – This involves creating a loss of equilibrium using slow, rhythmic rocking, just as a parent rocks a baby to sleep.
  • Rapid Method – Commands like ‘listen to my voice’ are convincingly given so the person will surrender his conscious control, which is often see in stage magic shows.

The method most commonly used at Krystal Ball Online is Relaxation and Imagery. As for the time it takes to become successful, the process is really depending on
the person’s mental state and personality. It could take as little as a few minutes to more than an hour.

Pauline: Certified Hypnotherapist
In addition to being a keen psychic, Pauline is also an experienced and certified hypnotist. Pauline can help you improve your life with powerful suggestion through
hypnosis and has helped many clients with difficulties like losing weight or quitting smoking since the early 1980’s thanks to her hypnosis skills. To schedule your hypnotherapy, click here or for more information contact Krystal Ball Online today!

To schedule your hypnotherapy, click here.