Psychic Counseling Services

Since I’m often asked what I do, I wanted to discuss what being a psychic counselor really means. The easiest way is to break down each word. A psychic is a person who is sensitive to psychic influences or forces, a medium if you will. A counselor is a person who counsels, like an adviser.

Although I can’t speak for all psychics, I see my job as something more than just telling someone the future or connecting them to loved ones who have passed. I also feel it’s my responsibility to make them aware of all the triumphs or obstacles that possibly lay ahead (psychic) so they can make an informed decision about the direction of their life (counselor).

Another point worth mentioning is that the future isn’t written in stone. Now for ‘someone who tells the future,’ that might seem contradictory. But really, it’s not. We all have the power to change our destiny with the choices we make. I feel what I offer clients is a ‘heads up’ – a possible future and the means of looking deeper into their current situations. When that happens, they themselves can make changes for the betterment of their lives.

Here’s an example of a client who was willing to share her story.

A few months ago one of my regular clients sat down and immediately I knew she was feeling ill. Although outward appearances indicated she was fine, I knew she was having ‘female issues.’ I told her I could see a doctor recommending a hysterectomy, but that wasn’t going to solve the true problem. She needed a second opinion, and via researching further, she’d find her answers.

A couple months later we talked again. She discovered she has a disease called endometriosis. And just as I advised, her first doctor recommended a hysterectomy. However, she took my advice and began to research the disease. She learned that 35% percent of women who have this procedure done still come back within a year with the same symptoms. And upon further research she learned of an international expert in the Northwestern U.S. that specialized in endometriosis. His procedures go to the source of the problem rather than providing a quick fix (that actually does little to ‘fix’ the problem).

Although she’s sure she still would have researched the issue regardless, she was grateful for that ‘heads up.’ Today, she’s more confident in the choices she’s making for her care thanks to psychic counseling. So being a psychic counselor provides me, personally, the chance to help ease people’s minds, but also protect their bodies too sometimes.