Have a Relationship…

Pauline was amazing. She made me feel comfortable and not rushed. Some of the things she said were so spot on, I almost jumped! She is heartwarming and worth seeing. She isn’t a mind reader, so you have to have a relationship when talking back and forth, but let me tell you. She is the real deal. I am definitely visiting her again. Thank you, Pauline!

Kimberly N.

Prevent Costly Repairs…

I had my first reading with Pauline at a Halloween party this year and was impressed. You were very intuitive about things in my relationship, and about things in my future. You said that I would need to get a new car in 4-6 weeks. And the thought of this bothered me. My car is not paid off and not worth what I owe. So I was due for an oil change, and instead of putting it off, I decided to take it in early, and see if anything came up. While waiting in the dealership, the mechanic said he wanted to show me something. He took me back to my car, and they found that a seal on my axle was leaking transmission fluid, and if I had waited too much longer, my transmission would be gone. I always put off getting my oil changed, but because of your reading, I went in early. I’m grateful for that. Maybe now I can keep the car going for a little longer. Thanks Pauline!

Alicia from Michigan

Peace of Mind…

I had met you almost nine years ago now and I’ve thought of you often. At the time that we met, I was going though a number of things in my life — all things that you quickly became familiar with. In particular, my mother had a disease called scleroderma and I was terribly worried about losing her. You told me that I should take comfort in the fact that we would have eight more years together. We ended up having exactly that much time together and as you had “predicted”, she passed of cancer, not scleroderma. I truly appreciate the time that she and I had together. I cannot tell you how much I treasure the conversation that I had with you so many years ago.

What I’ve described here is just a small portion of the conversation that you and I had. You helped me significantly in several other areas too. Again, I appreciate you sharing your blessing with me…I pray for you often and hope that you and your family are well. Thank you for everything.


Dealing with Loss…

We host an annual Halloween party for friends and family. The year of my father’s death we decided to hire a psychic. I’ve been to many psychics and I never ‘feed them’ information or offer anything extra about myself. In those years I’ve met a lot of what I call frauds – people with hunches and no specifics.

The accuracy that you had when it came to specific events – not just in my life, but also my family and friends – was astounding. There were things you knew, such as how my father died, that would be impossible to guess because it wasn’t ‘typical’ how he passed away. Not only are you talented, but you also showed incredible emotional sensitivity during my mother’s reading and it helped her move forward since my father’s death, even if only a step or two. You truly are a GOOD person at heart and you’ll always be highly recommended. I’ll certainly turn to you again in the future because you’re NOT a wannabe psychic – you’re the ‘real deal’.”

Nadine of Newport, MI

Client Testimonial

Pauline is a wonderful and accurate psychic. She has been invaluable to me during the past few weeks as I faced a challenging relationship. She is always spot on and her beautiful, compassionate and gentle spirit are comforting. I am blessed to know her.


Review From a Client

Hi Pauline! You did a reading for me on Thursday of this week. I just wanted to say thank you and you are amazing. You said my daughter was having self esteem issues with school. She and I had a long talk Sunday night because I woke up to her crying about having problems with math and school. The heads up that you gave me about that kept me from just brushing it off and telling her we would talk about it later. I knew it was a situation that I needed to handle properly. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to see if your other insights will come true.

Thank you


Authentic and Trustworthy

Two adjectives come to me about Pauline authentic and trustworthy. I am not just saying this lightly. I am writing this review based on four years of my experience with Pauline!


Healing Within Your Soul!

Pauline is A rigorous, task driving professional reader with substantial, spiritual reading, and the reading from tarot cards.

As with me, she sensed/felt/knew physical symptoms such as illnesses, or pain, giving insights on my future life, and my love entranced whether it’s your current, ex, or new.

The positive energy impact upon the first meeting with Pauline, you will feel.

I strongly believe you will leave feeling a powerful new self-beginning, as I did.

Thank you, Pauline, for the opportunity of this experience.


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