Spiritual Readings & Channeling Spirits

Spiritual Reading, also known as Spirit Channeling, is where you have psychic access to a particular deceased person, much like what John Edwards does for his audiences. At times, you might have more than one person who comes through during a reading. Acting as your psychic source, your psychic has the ability to discuss things you might not have been able to address during your loved ones life.

Spirit Channeling

During some spiritual readings the person on the other side ‘enters’ the psychic so they control the psychic physically and emotionally. But for most psychics, the experience is more like an internal conversation in their heads with your deceased loved ones. In this situation, the psychic never gives up their own identity, but they do learn certain facts or experiences that the ‘ghost’ will tell them. Sometimes these spirits can be seen, or felt, in the room by the psychic although the person getting the spiritual reading may not see them.

Why Get a Spiritual Reading?

Often people we love pass before we have a chance to tell them how we feel or get answers to some big questions. With a spiritual reading, you have the ability to ask questions and I can psychically convey the answers to you. I can also pass along information that a deceased person wants you to know via spirit channeling. I can do spiritual readings from any location, including the phone