Creating Addictions

There are all kinds of addictions in the world, including Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok, wasting time, and then there are the old-fashioned ones, smoking, alcohol, and of course, food. And that’s still only a few; there are many more.

Still, I decided I would start a new addiction; yes, you read that right, I’m creating an addiction. It’s called positive thinking. Now we all know we have negative thinking. We’re all human. Naturally, our brain can go in that direction. But what happens if it doesn’t? It makes you happier. It’s all about your personal happiness. It’s all about you! Where you’re going and what’s going on in your life.

Since we were small, we have been programmed to our parents’ addictions. A lot of us have carried them through into our lives. Thinking their karma is ours, as my parents do, I do. I think that’s the way it goes. I also feel we are a lot like our parents, and I remember the old saying. When we get old, we become our parents. Well, I’ve changed the pattern. I want to be addicted to positive thinking. This includes positive health, wealth, happiness, prosperity, and business. Positive love life, Positive home, And Positive happiness. What would our lives be like? If we went in that direction. Not to have a negative thought, but to go forward and be happy. Suppose you’ve looked at a child. Between the ages and three and five, they’re always excited; They’re always looking for new beginnings. And the why’s? Which drives us

Crazy answering all the questions. LOL. I decided One day to start a change in my life, to change my brain, to change my thinking, to change the way I feel, And I don’t care if you’re one to ninety-nine. It doesn’t matter when you start. It’s a matter of whether you’re looking for happiness. And the miracles that come with it, and why not create an addiction? To whom you are. To whom you want to become—an addiction of happiness. I, for one, am working on this. So how do you start it? An addiction to happiness?

Number one, I would think I’d have to start. With me. What does happiness look like? How does it feel? What is my worst scenario? I could be sad, Miserable, and all the negative words that go with it. That doesn’t make me feel good. Happiness does make me feel good. Stop thinking about my past, Or my past mistakes, Or my old past addictions. I’ve had a few. I still have one or two. But that is changing because I am currently focused on my new addiction. Positive thinking. Which is going to. Be my new addiction to my health. Addiction to my happiness. Addiction to prosperity. Addiction to love. Addiction to my relationship. Addiction to my family. Addiction to my home. Wow, that’s an awful lot of addictions. And you know, I think I’d like those new addictions. And how do you start? As the saying goes. One day at a time. One moment at a time. I heard someone say. It takes a second to change your life. Here., I go …. Want to come….