A Phone Call from A Beautiful Lady

A phone Call From A Beautiful Lady

I just received a phone call from a beautiful lady, who had never called a psychic medium before. She didn’t know what to ask, and as we began the reading, I felt I was speaking about her son in spirit. When working with spirit can be really difficult. Yet sometimes it’s so amazing that I really truly enjoy my gift. As I was talking to her, spirit gave me information and I knew he died of something tragic. As I told her it was a car accident, and he was around 20 years old. She said yes. I continued and said there was something going on around his head. I told her he didn’t want to believe he was having seizures; he didn’t want anybody to know. She said yes again, he was having seizures. She couldn’t understand why he had a car accident. I told her he felt something in his head, and he went to reach for something. As I talked to her there was an amazing connection between spirit, her son, and me, which gave me the answer that she wanted to hear. I was able to give her that peace and understanding why her son was taken from her when he was only 20 years old and loved by so many people. He was in denial about what was wrong with him, life just didn’t want to go forward for him, but I could feel the great love coming from her son to give to her. I am so blessed sometimes to have those magic moments that I can share with someone and a loved one.
Love & Light