How To Spot A Fake Psychic And Clairvoyant

How do you know if the person who you’re speaking with is really psychic? They’re actually a few signs that you can look for (and you don’t even have to be psychic to do it).

First, fake psychics often asked leading questions. What exactly is a leading question? It’s a question that’s asked to get information out of you. For example, rather than telling you that you have three children, a fake psychic might say something like, “How many children do you have?” They use the information they gather to try to build a portrait of you without having any real psychic ability.

Second, another way you can spot a fake psychic is if they say you are cursed. They do this to get more consultations to “remove” the curse. This is actually one of the oldest tricks used by fake psychics, and believe it or not, it still works today on people, so don’t fall for it.

Third, not all psychics are listed with the Better Business Bureau, but some of them are and what people are saying isn’t very favorable. So check to see whether or not there are any blemishes on their reports.

Fourth, fake psychics often promise they can make things happen. This is totally untrue. Although true psychics can see possible scenarios in your life, they have no power to manipulate them. You still have free will. That means it’s up to you to heed a psychic’s advice. Real psychics have clairvoyance; they’re not masters of fate. So remember, anyone promising to ‘change your life’ for you with no work on your part is a fraud.

Fifth, look at their body language. Just like a detective in a criminal investigation it’s not always what someone is telling you, but how they act. Do they seem nervous? Do they overuse words like ‘truthfully’ or ‘honestly’? Do they put their hand over their mouth when they speak? These are just a few signs that someone might be lying to you.

In the end, what should you look for in a psychic? A real psychic will get an impression of your life without prompting or leading questions. The less you say, the more the psychic has to rely on their ability, rather than just guessing about your life. When you find someone who can tell you about your past and your present without prompting, then chances are they really can see the possibilities of your future.