What’s a ‘Girls Night In’ Party?

One of the psychic services I offer is a Girls Night In party. People often ask is what that means. They’ve heard of Girls Night Out celebrations, but not the former. The answer is both are rather similar. It’s a time for women, of all ages, to get together. Usually drinking is involved (but not always) and it involves everyone coming to one persons’ house. This way no one has to risk driving home or having one too many. They can relax, unwind and just have fun.

Now one of the activities that women enjoy for a Girls Night In (or Girls Night Out) is having psychic readings for guests. Since I have various pricing structures I can give clients an estimate based on your guest list. Plus, doing these kinds of readings give the gals something to chat about that night but also over the days, weeks and months to come.

Summer is usually a great time for these kinds of get-togethers. It’s nice to get outside for the summer in Michigan. But I tell people to try to plan in advance — this time is also busy with other types of parties like corporate retreats, graduations parties, etc. If you think you’d like to include a psychic for a Girls Night In, drop me a line on my contact page.