The Joy of Unconditional Love

I was reading Dear Abby one day. A woman wrote a letter about how her divorce (and prodding from a bitter ex-husband) changed the way her loving daughters acted toward her and it got me thinking about unconditional love. I felt really bad for her and wondered how could all three of her daughters change… Read more »

Psychic Therapy for Weight Loss

It is possible to psychically lose weight? It seems like more and more Americans struggle with food addiction or even finding quality foods that don’t include tons of oils or starch. But you can psychically lose weight if you do it the proper way. That means that, yes, you’ll still have to find the right… Read more »

Tips For Finding Happiness – Within Yourself

I did a party for a client named Sandy. I got a chance to sit down and enjoy everyone’s company. The conversation turned to the subject of how we become stuck in situations, as well as how do you find happiness. I do thousands of readings, so I will tell you that most of us… Read more »

Tips For Finding Your Soulmate

What’s a soulmate? Basically it’s someone you connect with on several levels and who shares many of your views on life. The love is incredibly intense, so much so that your soulmate is an extension of you because there is a bond that is unbreakable between you. So how do you find this person? Actually,… Read more »

Thinking Can Make For A Happy New Year

Happy New Year is a phrase that many people say, but it seems like a hollow expression. That’s because few people focus on the ‘happy’ part of the idiom. In order to have Happy New Year (or happy day, week or month) you need to focus on the positive. Consider this… Have you ever had… Read more »

Metaphysical Christmas Gift Ideas

If you’re thinking of buying metaphysical gifts for Christmas you’re not alone. Many people consider looking into spiritual psychic healing and mystical gifts. You can find many new age supplies like psychic jewelry at places like zero point, my metaphysical gifts store. Knowing what to buy though might be difficult if you’re not trained in… Read more »

How To Increase Your Psychic Abilities

One of the ways that you can increase your psychic ability is through active meditation. Your psychic energy isn’t as strong when your attention is divided. That’s why meditation helps keep you centered. When your mind is scattered it’s hard to focus on a single thing but mediation helps. The great thing about using meditation… Read more »

How Do Candle Colors Affect Psychic Abilities?

Candles can be used to enhance meditation techniques and the colors that you pick can help in your spiritual journey. So if you’re looking to achieve a greater awareness and a stronger sense of energy in your meditation sessions, here are a few colors and what they mean: White candles – White candles represent God’s… Read more »

What Are Guardian Angels – Protection

“What are Guardian Angels?” and “How do Guardian Angels work?” are two questions I’m asked quite frequently from my readers. So this month I thought I’d take some time to address what I think. First, let’s focus on “What are Guardian Angels?” What Are Guardian Angels? A guardian angel is sent at the beginning of… Read more »

How To Make A Soul To Soul Connection

Everyone has heard the term soul mate. But did you know that everyone has a soul light? It’s true. What’s interesting about this soul light is that you can contact with another person’s soul light at any time or any place. Best of all, you don’t need to be in the same room, or even… Read more »