Difference Of Spirit Guides And Guardian Angels:

Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels are often thought of being the same thing, but really they’re not. While it’s true they are both spiritual beings, just like us, there is a distinct difference. Your personal spirit guide is with you through all realms – here and the afterlife. Their main purpose is to steer you… Read more »

Using A Ouija Board – Is It Good Or Bad?

Is using a Ouija board good or bad? Much like a gun, the answer is both. A gun in the hands of a police officer can protect someone, but in the hands of a criminal…that’s a different story. Using a Ouija Board truly depends on who’s using it and for what purpose. Although I personally… Read more »

Tips For Communicating With The Deceased

Absolutely, although psychics are more in tune with communicating with a deceased person so they know what to look for. For example, have you ever smelled your mother’s perfume when you’re totally alone? Does it feel like your brother’s hands are on your shoulders sometimes? Have the lights or radio ever turned off and on… Read more »

Communicating With A Deceased Person

These few tips are designed to create awareness so you can communicate with the deceased. First, talk to them. They like it, and sometimes, they even answer. Case in point: One client lost her father, a pipe fitter who fixed anything in her home plumbing-wise. When it came time to replace her toilet seat, which… Read more »

What Is A Psychic Counselor?

Since I’m often asked what I do, I wanted to discuss what being a psychic counselor really means. The easiest way is to break down each word. A psychic is a person who is sensitive to psychic influences or forces, a medium if you will. A counselor is a person who counsels, like an adviser…. Read more »

How To Open Your Mind And Be Flexible

Universe is in a constant state of flux. It always changes. In recent times, this has never been truer. Just look at our country. The real estate market, the stock market, job market…any market you name, they are all behaving in ways we’ve never seen before. It’s created a great deal of tension for many… Read more »

Overcoming Fear – Breathe Through Panic

Everyone has to deal with some level of fear on a daily basis. For example, some people may stress about being late for work. Others are so crippled by fear they can’t leave their homes. However, there are ways for overcoming fear. Why is overcoming fear so important? Simply put, fear stops you from improving… Read more »

Improving Your Intuition – Meditate.

Everyone has intuition. Some people’s intuition is stronger than others. Why? Some people are simply more in tune with their psychic ability, which is part of intuition. As for psychic ability, it’s a bit like our human bodies. When you don’t exercise your muscles, you lose them. So it only stands to reason that when… Read more »