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Are Free Phone Psychic Readings Really Free?

No. Most Free Phone Psychic Readings aren’t free. While it’s true a number of them might offer a free 3 minutes, chances are you won’t get the answers you seek in just 3 minutes time. So what happens after your ‘free time’ ends? Most often other charges kick in (and many of them are on… Read more »

How Much Should A Telephone Psychic Reading Cost?

After working as a Michigan psychic for decades, one of the questions I find people often ask is, “How much should I pay for a good phone psychic?” The answer is there is no set amount and even if there was there are other facts to consider. For example, how much time do you expect… Read more »

How Can I Increase My Intuition-Meditate.

Some people who come to see me will discuss their life events and say, “I never saw it coming.” That led me to wonder this question, “Why are some people more intuitive than others?” The short answer? Most people aren’t good listeners… even to themselves. Here’s what I mean… Everybody has an inner spirit (or… Read more »

Psychic Readings for Pets in Michigan

I can’t say I ‘talk to dead animals’ as I do with people. However, I CAN feel their presence, their emotional states and their influence over the physical realm. And I do believe that animals have a way of communicating in the afterlife… and they can communicate with other animals in this world. That might… Read more »

Bad Curses And Negative Spells: What You Need To Know About This Psychic Con

I recently got a message from someone who said they had dark forces around them and it got me thinking. While there are forces in the world not to be tampered with, one of the oldest psychic cons for centuries, perhaps even millinums, are bad luck curses. Here’s how this psychic scam ‘works’… You see… Read more »

Prediction Reading: What Is It- Strategies

A ‘prediction reading’ is when a psychic tells you what will happen in the future. Keep in mind though — there’s this thing called ‘Free Will’. I can tell someone that they’ll meet a tall, dark, handsome stranger at a party because that’s what I see. I can predict what the person’s name or initials… Read more »

Six Tips For Getting The Best Psychic Reading

As a Michigan psychic I see people from all over the Midwest. I even ‘see’ clients on the other side of the country via phone psychic readings. In all of these years of using my gifts, I’ve noticed there are a few things that help people get the best psychic readings and they’re things you… Read more »

You Can Have Clairaudience… If You Listen

Do you have a ‘little voice’ inside your head that tells you something? Everyone does but not everyone is listening for it. I call it ‘inner hearing’ because only you can hear it. No, I’m not talking about schizophrenia where you can’t tell the difference between what’s real and not real. Clairaudience is what helps… Read more »

World Of One Expo In Birch Run

For those looking for psychics in the Frankenmuth / Birch Run Michigan area, I’ll be at the 8th World of One Expo this weekend – Friday, June 27th, 2014 through Sunday, June 19th, 2014 under the booth, “Two Psychic Chicks”. This psychic event features body workers, healers, psychics, astrology, plus wonderful books and artifacts. It… Read more »

Are You Spiritually Grounded – Discover Healing?

Have you ever felt lightheaded, overly tired, dazed, shaky, anxious or disconnected from life? Truth is most of us have experienced it. Sometimes, there are physical reasons for those feeling. However, at other times it can be a physical reaction to a spiritual ailment. This sensation of not feeling ‘quite right’ is called being ‘ungrounded’…. Read more »