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How Often Should I Get Psychic Readings?

For me, personally, I look at the reason why my clients seek psychic advice, rather than how many sessions they do. There are number of reasons the people consult me, which can include seeking clarity or insight into a situation, validating an underlying feeling about someone or something, greater understanding of life lessons, identifying possible… Read more »

When a Psychic Gives You Answers You Don’t Like

Many times people ask about relationships. Sometimes it might seem like the relationship is failing or they feel pushed away. Sometimes it’s imagined and at other times it’s genuine. The other party has lost interest and wants to leave the relationship. Sometimes the person in question just wants a little space and some alone time…. Read more »

Pet Reading for Charlie the Cat

A young woman showed up at one of our recent psychic fairs with a large blue cat carrier. Inside was a lovely silver tabby by the name of Charlie. Charlie’s Mom had brought him for a session with Pauline, who has a long history reading of Michigan Psychic Fair’s two-legged customers. Charlie was a healthy,… Read more »

Windows of Love

Windows of Love By Pauline Dettloff This is February and it’s all about Love! My heart just swells up sometimes thinking about this. I am a romantic at heart and it makes me happy! When I think of the word love, and there are so many kinds of love out there. It’s a beautiful noun,… Read more »

How To Spot A Fake Psychic- Scamwatch

How do you know if the person who you’re speaking with is really psychic? They’re actually a few signs that you can look for (and you don’t even have to be psychic to do it). First, fake psychics often asked leading questions. What exactly is a leading question? It’s a question that’s asked to get… Read more »

How To Resolve Conflict

Conflict is inevitable. Even the best relationships have issues, but when you’re not constructive in your approach, conflict can be something that becomes negative and harms your relationships. Too many people try to avoid conflict and hope those conflicts will just ‘go away on their own. That doesn’t happen and many times it only leads… Read more »

How To Manage Anger – Before It Controls You

When it comes to complex emotions, anger is one of the top ones, and if not managed properly, it can cause a great deal of suffering. But why do we get angry? There are actually three reasons. 1. To convey to us there is a problem to our safety or to the safety of those… Read more »

How To Cut Psychic Cord – Healing Technique

People can feel connected to someone, but when it’s time to call it quits (for whatever reason) is there anything psychically you can do to help the process? The answer is yes. People in relationships (be it family, friends or lovers) have what’s called Psychic Cords. As the name suggests, it means being psychically connected… Read more »

The Joy of Unconditional Love

I was reading Dear Abby one day. A woman wrote a letter about how her divorce (and prodding from a bitter ex-husband) changed the way her loving daughters acted toward her and it got me thinking about unconditional love. I felt really bad for her and wondered how could all three of her daughters change… Read more »

Psychic Therapy for Weight Loss

It is possible to psychically lose weight? It seems like more and more Americans struggle with food addiction or even finding quality foods that don’t include tons of oils or starch. But you can psychically lose weight if you do it the proper way. That means that, yes, you’ll still have to find the right… Read more »